If you are thinking about moving to Florida, or if you want to relocate within Florida, consider the unique and friendly City of Mulberry.

Mulberry is centrally located to most everything in Florida. It is about 33 miles east of Tampa, yet is out of the Tampa congestion. It is about 60 from the Disney area theme parks near Orlando, but is not a tourist trap.

The Mulberry Press, a division of the Polk County Press, is the only newspaper  licensed to operate in Mulberry. It carries legal notices for the City of Mulberry and many legal notices for Polk County, Florida, and the state. The press has the lowest priced legal notices, good for any area in Polk County.

Mulberry is home to the 300-store W. S. Badcock home furnishings chain, a container plant and dozens of small industries and plants. Mulberry has an active industrial park and the cost of living is far less in Mulberry than in larger areas.

Mulberry has excellent transportation for your business. The City is on both “coast to coast” Florida Highway 60 which extends from Clearwater on the Gulf coast to Vero Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. State Road 37 also goes through the center of Mulberry, connect nearby Lakeland and points south. CSX Railroad has a large 24-hour a day freight yard in Mulberry and several local and international airports are within an hour’s drive of Mulberry.


Mulberry School District is large in area as well, going all the way south to the Hardee County line

and  west to the Hillsborough County line which is the county Tampa is in.IMG_0131

As Mulberry has historically been the center of the phosphate capital of the world, the Mulberry region has some of the world’s largest agriculture chemical and fertilizer plants. This means Mulberry has a host of “support” shops and industries that could help your business, such as fabrication, metalizing, tank maintenance, electrical contracting, railroad car repair and much more.

Mulberry has several “claims to fame” including:

—-The annual “Fine Swine At The Pit” famous BBQ cook-off held every October.

—-The annual Mulberry Christmas parade that draws large crowds every December.

—-Dr. John V. Atanassoff, whom the federal court system has declared is the inventor of the modern digital computer, graduated from Mulberry High School, as well as several other famous people. Dr. Atanasoff is considered a national hero in Bulgaria, where is family came from, due to his inventions relating to the computer. A huge statue of him stands in front of the nation’s capital.

Mulberry has been designated by the U.S. government as a special community, the city is a “Purple Heart” city and there is a great hometown feeling in Mulberry where newcomers and visitors are always welcome.


Mulberry is one of Florida’s oldest cities, incorporated by the Florida Legislature in 1901. This was before many of today’s resort towns and beach communities were even thought of. The Mulberry Press can trace its roots to 1909 in Mulberry, making it the longest running media firm in Polk County and among the oldest media in the State of Florida. The Mulberry Press is also the ONLY locally owned newspaper in Polk County with the same family ownership since 1985.

Mulberry is home to many veterans and has a very active American Legion Post known for its “family” atmosphere. A former state commander, Alan P. Hall, came from the Mulberry Post, and still makes his home in Mulberry.

Mulberry’s population may seem small at around 4,000, but Polk County has some 618,900 residents and about any type of store or service is just a few minutes away in Lakeland, Bartow, Plant City or other communities.  Lakeland, population approaching 100,000 is only five miles to the north, but Mulberry is its own community, with its own elected City government and the cost of living is reasonable in Mulberry. Consider friendly Mulberry if you plan to visit or relocate.